Combination Therapy (I.F.T+T.E.N.S+U.S+M.S)

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The Interferential Electrotherapy unit is manufactured by edge technology as per international standards.These stimulators and interferential current therapy are known for their flawless quality and superior performance.

Interferential and Ultrasound Therapy Unit:-

Ulrasound Combo Unit is a combination of Interferential Therapy and Ultrasound Therapy. In combo an inbuilt microcontroller is used.This Ultrasound Combo Unit is compact in design and light weight.UltraSound Combo Unit is enabled with IFT and advanced options for the treatment.


  • Program:9
  • Frequency:1 MHz
  • Therapy Modes: Continous/Pulsed
  • Pulse Frequency/Duration:100 Hz/1.2 Sec
  • Output Power:0-3 W/cm2
  • Timer:-0-99
  • Specifications:-IFT,TENS,MS
  • Four-Pole interferential therapy with or without vector scan Bipolar interferential therapy.
  • TENS Continous Current.
  • TENS Best Current.
  • Rectangular Pulsed Current A Triangular Pulsed Current.
  • Ultra Reiz Current.
  • Galvanic Direct Current.
  • DF:-Diphase Fixed.
  • MF:-Monophase Fixed.
  • CP:-Module en Courtes Periods.
  • LP:-Module en  Longues Periods.


  • Both medium and low frequency currents.
  • 125 Pre-Progrrames condition wise with protocols.
  • Cable and Electrode checking mode.






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