DIGI 4 PLUS DIGITAL 400 W Electrosurgical Generator

DIGI 4 PLUS DIGITAL 400 W Electrosurgical Generator

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Bio Beauty Meds new SMART 4plus is the most versatile Electro Surgical Generator. It offers features and performance never before available in a single generator. The DIGI 4plus has spray coagulation which rivals the best spark gap generators and with minimum cutting effect. The blend gives a good Hemostasis effect than cutting and pure cut is exceptionally smooth and starts promptly even in irrigated procedures. The isolated bipolar output, which has a non-sparking characteristic, is ideal for microsurgery, Neuro Surgery, Laproscopy and other applications. SMART 4plus meets the surgeon?s needs in the wide range of general procedures and in specialties including Gynecology, Urology, Neurology, Thorasic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.


  • Cut:
Mode Max Power Load Creast Factor
Pure Cut 400w 500 E 1.5
Blend 1 250w 500 E 1.5
Blend 2 200w 500 E 1.5
Endocut 99% 500 E 1.5
  • Coag:?
Mode Max Power Load Creast factor
Spray 120w 500 E 7
Force 120w 500 E 6.5
Fulgurate 150w 500 E 6
Dessicate 150w 500 E 6
  • Bipolar Mode:?
Mode Max Power Load Creast Factor
Micro 80w 100 E 1.5
Macro 80w 100 E 1.5
Cur 100w 100 E 1.5
Auto 100w 100 E 1.5


??Technical Specifications:

Display 7 Segment LED
Dimension (WxHxD) 290mmx105mmx260mm
Weight 4kg
Keyboard Feathertouch
Input supply voltage 230 VAC

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